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Meet Jenna

A rising star

The Lead Photographer

Jenna Pangan is our primary Lead Photographer for Kevin Le Vu Photography. Trained in the same photographic philosophy as our Master Photographer Kevin Le Vu. A Lead for Kevin Le Vu Photography is highly skilled and experienced in running the wedding day making executive decisions to make sure the photographic moments are captured on time and maximizing the venue space.

Leads are ever-creative and problem solving to make sure the photo collection captured for the couple are complete, exposed and artistic. We train all our team members to be unobtrusive and allow our couples to be themselves.

I’ve always been drawn to the arts. When I was 3 it was painted smiley faces and dogs. When I was a teenager it was the hand drawn figure and oil with canvas.

Now it’s the camera and the moment. Weddings are a same way. There’s this whole blank artscape for me to make my mark. I take pride in the smallest even missed moments from the crowd and creating my art with it. In the hectic nature of event photography you’re allowed this special privilege to meet some of the most amazing couples.

I’m grateful and in awe of the moments that I get to witness and capture that for most people, is far too intimate and secret to the world. With my camera old places seem new every time, the lens zooms in on life and brings it to the foreground. I can’t wait to meet you and begin this incredible journey with you.


To all our future clients and friends, I can’t wait to capture you guys!
— Jenna Pangan

Our Primary Second Photographers

Khoa Nguyen Kevin Le Vu Photography


Showing his daughter to follow her passion

Khoa Nguyen is the primary second photographer for Kevin Le Vu.

As a photographer I believe in having fun and enjoying the moment. The comfort of the moment allows people to act and show their true natural state of beauty. I believe in capturing and showing true color, little to no airbrushing and photoshopping as possible.

I take customer satisfaction to heart, so seeing my clients’ joy and gratification after seeing my work is my ultimate reward. I would do this for free but hey I have a wife and daughter to feed.


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Rockstar mother of two

Michelle Ingolfsson is one of our primary second photographers for Jenna Pangan.

Over 9 years of  professional photography experience under my belt and having a passion for capturing memories since my teens I am blessed that I get to pursue my passion as a professional photographer. I am a true believer of living life to its fullest with experiences and to capture those experience in it’s best light is what I hold most valuable in my own life and being able to give that to others gives me joy in every moment of it. My goal as the creative artist is to capture your pristine essence and the emotions that surround you in that moment.


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Videography Lead

Meet Marcus Valerio


We love to offer our clients a hassle-free option for cinematography to deliver that other side of re-living your wedding day for years to come. Our video team is led by Marcus Valerio a seasoned pro in the wedding videography scene and we stand behind his professionalism, quality and turnaround time.

Marcus is a film graduate from Cal State Fullerton and is our lead videographer on the scene. Working with all the latest equipment and software.

Marcus is well experienced in cultural and western ceremonies and the turnaround time for completed projects are always prompt and thorough.
Working with our videography team creates a harmonious experience between photographer and videographer that flows well for clients looking back on their memories.

Marcus and Primary Second Videographer Georgia Shu