Jessica and Aylton Wedding at Maya Hotel in Long Beach

In their own words here is their story:

We first met in San Diego where we both attended UCSD. I was invited to my friend's housewarming where Aylton happened to be the roommate. We would hangout with our friends often at the apartment. Through those encounters (karaoke, boba trips, camping, kick backs, study sessions) we got to know each other. We soon developed a liking for each other's company and our friendship grew into a more serious relationship.

Why they chose the Maya Hotel:

Aylton's sister does wedding planning as a side gig. She mainly does this at the Maya Hotel, so we decided to look into this venue first. On January 2019 is when we first looked at the venue and it so happened that the day we got engaged, May 25th was available for a wedding ceremony to be hosted. Immediately Aylton said it was a sign and so we chose the venue.

Some special notes:

Aylton requested us to focus on his grandmother, and I think the team really captured her well.

Baaba is Aylton's Grandma that will be traveling from Japan. She is in her 90's and we will be using some of the photo time for family photos as this will likely be the last time the whole family will be together

Lead Photographer: Jenna

Primary Second Photographer: Kortney